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End - 91 days(MotoSyberia) + 62 days(Reactivation)

 Where, visas and stuff

2009.Visas, permisions

2007.Visas, permisions

MotoSyberia Reactivation 2009


The purpose of this excursion is to have fun in mudd and to get from Magadan to Chukotka by land through northern Kamchatka. We begin where MotoSyberia ended in 2007, so we will tele-transport ourselfs the evil way with all the equipment to Magadan.
The first part of tele-transportation will be organized by Wojtek (from MotoAfryka). The other part of tele-transportation will be organized by the devil himsel, because it's a mistery how to soar such a big amount of heavy stuff in the air. After landing in Magadan we go streight to a Chinees restaurant, where you can eat a really delicious pig in sweet-sour sauce.

From here we will drive to Omsukchan, although it would be better to get a truck, to keep knobes fresh and digest the sweet & sour pig in peace.
Here we have arrived to areas where there is no travelling overland in summer. Swamps, rivers, cute bears and mosquitos. In winter it's also calm. All traffic to Chukotka goes thrugh the Kolyma zimnik (winter road) and then through the northern parts of Chukotka. There are no zimnik's going to Kamchatka this way either.

We will be passing throug 2 villages: Evensk and Kamenskoye. These villages have contact with the outside world only by sea and by air. Until 2007 guys from US were building a zimnik from Omsukchan to a gold mine (towards the north-east). From there it was possible to get to Evensk.

I managed to contact few specialists in this region (hunters, drivers going to Kubaka gold mine in winter) and any such conversation ends in a sad statement "Malciki, there is no chance you even get to Evensk". I found a way to deal with this. I dont ask any question about this route and avoid this sensitive topic. Alleluya and go go go!

Plan minimum: Omsukchan - Evensk

Evensk looks to be so close, that we just must get there. Even if it means walking there with the bike on the back.

Plan orgasm 1: get to northern Kamchatka (Koriak AO)

The part from Evensk (or Gizhiga) to Kamenskoye looks to be the most difficult of all difficult parts we will cross. It will be even harder than I can imagine now. How many times harder? The first person to know this will be my mother through a sat phone.

Plan multiple orgasm: A) get to Chukotka, B) or get to southern Kamchatka

Our main problems during summer 2009 will be:
- swamps (yerk! its so discousting I dont even want to think about this)
- rivers, but I mean RIVERS; we are still thinking about this problem; we have few ideas: Grzesiek will be happy to give his KTM for the Big Water Tests;
- fuel - no metter how I count it's not enough; Grzesiek will be happy to go to Evensk or Kamenskoye by foot and bring some fuel; this boy is very optimistic about this trip;
- food - no metter how I count it's not enough; from all temptations that satan prepared for us, food is the one I love the most; we will have dry food with us and I hope we will catch some fish finally;
- bears - what? go away you hairy monster!

We have few alternative plans. But one thing is sure. There will be mudd, mudd, mudd, mudd, mudd, mudd, mudd, mudd mixed with stinking male sweat. This whole unknown which is waiting for us i so so, SO SO exciting I have an errection.

 2009.Visas, permisions

This time we dont have to much paperwork. We just need a 3 months visa to Russia and special permission to enter Chukotka. There will be also some work with the initial tele-transportation.

MotoSyberia 2007


EnduroDontCry team is going on a new exciting trip:) Finally we are heading to Magadan and if Mum Russia will be good to us - a little bit further. A long time ago after seeing the movie "Mondo Enduro" and reading the book about a polish guy crossing Russia on an old Defender I knew I have to do this trip.
First we are going through Ukraine to our friends in Georgia ( to taste some wine after last year harvest. Then we will drive around (Armenia, Azerbaijan) and look for the Noah's Ark. While eating sandwiches with caviar we will cross the Caspian Sea and get to Central Asia. We jump on the Silk Road and we go to Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and to the biggest exporter of potassium - Kazakhstan. Then will look for some dirt in northern Mongolia this time ( There is never enough dirt so will go further to Far Eastern Russia and we will try to get through Jakuck and Magadan to the end of the world - Chukotka.
We are starting in the middle of June and it looks like we will have about 3-4 months of hard work;)
We will be driving very sexy orange KTMs 640 Adventure.

The route can be devided into 3 type-of-riding sections:
-the more tourist section: from Odessa to Kazachstan
-more dirty section: across northern Mongolia and far eastern russia to Magadan
-unknown-difficult-offroad-expedition section: from Magadan to Chukotka

Trasa MotoSyberia2007

 2007.Visas, permisions...

Ukraine - no need

Georgia - no need

Armenia - border

Azerbeijan - tourist visa; warsaw;

Turkmenistan - transit visa; moscow/berlin;

Uzbekistan - need LOI; warsaw;

Tadzykistan - need LOI; moscow;

Kirgistan - nie nada;

Kazachstan - need LOI; warsaw;

Mongolia - warsaw;

Rosja - multi;

Chukotka AD - need permision to enter Chukotka, takes about 6 months to do:

DIANA CLUB - they can arrange you the permission to enter Chukotka and organize a hunting/fishing expedition there; best specialists in Chukotka and bears; very nice and helpfull people;

Koryak AD - not needed;

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